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02 February 2012 @ 02:21 am
New Contest Pimp  
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Hey, everyone!!! So i'm abusing my mod powers a bit here, to pimp my ongoing contest over on DW!! Here's a bit of info: 

Visit the land of darkness and terror. Write a one-shot placing our beloved Glamily Members in a gruesome, mind-bending, nightmare-inducing horror story. make it dark, gruesome, and scary. You can use any scary person, creature, object, etc. If you must have fluff, mind this advice: Fluff is okay, as long as it doesn't take over the story. That means, you can have fluffy moments, you need them sometimes, yeah? But don't overdo it to where it isn't a horror story any more!! Make it so that we are unable to sleep at night after reading! (YIKES!) Also, porn is allowed, but please note-- it's not necessary. I mean, sex isn't scary... well... maybe certain types of it are... *cackles wickedly* But that's not the kind of scary we're looking for!

Step outside the general Glam!Fic Vamp/Were stereotype! Write your best possession, early 1900's slave voodoo fic, demon, axe-murderer, zombie, ghost, you name it! GO CRAZY!

So go on, trudge down that dark and eerie lane. Tell your scariest horror story!!!

I hope you'll check it out and enter!!!
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